Your Fly Rights as a Nigerian

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The Consumer Protection Department (CPD) is a division of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). It was launched in March 2001, to ensure that all aviation consumers obtain the best services in air transportation.

Its main mission is to serve as the eagle eye of the industry by being responsible for informing, educating and protecting consumers as well as ensuring the provision of quality services in the aviation industry.

Your Fly Rights

  1. If your flight will be re-routed or delayed, you must be notified at least 2hours in advance.
  2. If you have a ticket or print-out that shows a confirmed reservation for a specific flight and date, an agent cannot deny you boarding because you have no reservation in the computer.
  3. If you need to cancel a ticket purchased under a non-refundable fare, you must be able to apply the fare you paid toward a future flight, minus any applicable charge or cancellation fees.
  4. You have a duty to arrive before the time on your ticket. Even if you have already checked in for your flight, an airline can cancel your reservation if you are not at the departure gate on time.
  5. You must be compensated if a flight departs before the ticketed time.
  6. If you do not check your baggage in sufficient time for it to be loaded on your flight, the airline will not be responsible for any delay in the delivery of your baggage to your destination
  7. If however, your baggage is delayed or lost, you must be compensated within 5 business days.
  8. If your flight is delayed for over 1hour, cancelled or you are denied boarding, you have a right to compensation.
  9. You have a duty to be courteous to staff and agents of airline operators.
  10. If airline staff or agents treat you discourteously, you must be compensated by the airline.
  11. You have a right to refreshments in-flight and when there is a delay of more than 1hour.
  12. The airline must provide decent lodging and feeding for you if your flight is delayed overnight.
  13. As a passenger with mobility or other special needs, you have a right to priority treatment.
  14. You have a right to sanitary restrooms in-flight.
  15. You have a right to best price information; and flexible/refundable tickets at cost.
  16. All adults are required to present photo identification upon check-in and at boarding.
  17. If too many people show up for your flight, the airline must ask for volunteers to give up their seats for rewards from the airline (such as vouchers for future travel, a hotel stay or even cash.) The rewards must be negotiated on an individual basis with the airline.
  18. If you are involuntarily denied boarding, the airline must explain your rights in a written document, which must state how the airline decides who gets to stay on an oversold flight. You may keep your ticket and use it on another flight. If you choose to make alternative arrangements, you can request an “involuntary refund” for the ticket.
  19. You have a right to choose between quiet and entertainment in-flight

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Etisalat replies Julius Agwu N100m suit.

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Telecommunication giant, Etisalat Nigeria, has reacted to Julius Agwu’s seven day ultimatum to the company that it should compensate him with the sum of N100 million or risk legal action over “alleged unlawful and unjustified blocking and/or swapping” of his Etisalat GSM phone number 08189555555.

Agwu demanded the compensation through his lawyer, Festus Keyamo, due to what he termed lost of business opportunities and the inconvenience experienced by him during the period.

Keyamo in a letter dated 26 November, 2013 to the company stated that “in the event that you fail, refuse or neglect to accede to our above stated demand within seven (7) days from the receipt of this letter, we shall be compelled to set in motion against you, all legal machineries necessary to obtain legal remedy for our client.”

The letter further stated that the company’s actions of unlawfully blocking and/or swapping of Agwu’s line occasioned loss of business opportunities for him.










Etisalat’s Public Relations Manager, Chineze Amanfo, while reacting to the allegation through an email sent to our reporter, stated that contrary to the reportage of the issue on the blogs and news sites, a SIM swap was performed on the said line after the requester provided the company’s customer care executives with necessary SIM replacement information, in accordance with laid down NCC regulations and process for SIM swap.

She added that the SIM replacement information includes security and personal requirements to the owner, which the requester provided before the swap was effected.

“Subsequently, upon a report made at our office by Mr. Agwu that he is the owner of the line and did not authorize anyone to swap it, our customer care executives promptly restored the line as well as the airtime lost during the swap process.

“Etisalat Nigeria is currently carrying out an internal investigation into the SIM swap incident and will refer the matter to the appropriate agencies for further investigation as may be necessary.

“We wish to assure the general public that Etisalat Nigeria is committed to the protection of the rights of its subscribers and to continue to provide value adding services to its customers.

“We will spare no effort to unravel the circumstances surrounding the alleged unauthorized SIM swap while encouraging our customers and the general public to protect their personal information at all times,” she stated.


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Julius Agwu sues Etisalat N100,000,000 for poor service!

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Popular comedian, Julius Agwu is reported to have taken legal action against mobile network operator, Etisalat, for blocking and swapping his line and failing to resolve the issue after several correspondence and meetings on the matter. A statement from Festus Keyamo, legal counsel to Julius, presented the following demand:

TAKE NOTICE that we have our client’s firm instruction to demand and hereby the sum of N100,000,000.00 (One Hundred Million Naira) as compensation for the loss of business opportunities and the inconvenience caused our client by reason of your unlawful and unjustified blocking and/or swapping of our client’s Etisalat GSM phone line.


TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that in the event that you fail, refuse or neglect to accede to our above stated demand within seven (7) days from the receipt of this letter, we shall be compelled to set in motion against you, all legal machineries necessary to obtain legal remedy for our client.

According to the news report, there hasn’t been an official response from Etisalat. Full details of the story are available on the daily Times website: Julius Agwu Sues Etisalat 

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 I was on the website of a bank. I patiently slogged through all my details, not forgetting mother’s maiden name and name of first pet. With a sigh of completion I finally clicked submit. “We’re sorry, our system is down this morning. Please try later.” Er, couldn’t they have warned me before I started? I did log in later, went right through the whole rigmarole and finally received the bank statement I needed.

I could have left it there but I was feeling public-spirited. Mightn’t my experience help them make their website more user-friendly? So I telephoned. A succession of courteous robotic voices led me to an equally courteous human. And now here is my point. I was trying to benefit other bank customers in general. She thought I wanted satisfaction for myself in particular. It appeared to be outside her comprehension that somebody might take the time to make a public-spirited suggestion to help other people.

“May I call you Richard? How may I help you, Richard?”

“Well, I’ve been on your website trying to get a bank statement, and I’d filled in the whole form before I was told that the system was down anyway. Could I suggest … “

“My apologies for that, Richard, let me help you now. What exactly is it you require?”

“Er, no, I don’t think you understand. I’ve already got what I personally needed. I want to report the difficulty I had, so that you can make sure other people don’t suffer the same inconvenience in future.”

“Richard, please tell me what is the date of the bank statement you need, and I’ll have it sent to you.”

“No, I already have the bank statement I need. I’m trying to help other people in my situation … “

I might have been speaking Volapük. She simply didn’t understand a word of Voluntary-Public-Spirit.




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The Asian Tigers are here, but more with substandard and economically wasteful products. The government body responsible for designation, establishment, approval and declaration of standards in respect of materials, commodities, structures and processes, certification of products in commerce and industry, their promotion at national, regional and international levels, throughout Nigeria, and the enforcement of same is the Standards Organisation of Nigeria, SON.

Their mandate is enormous, the challenge is gargantuan, they are restless, committed, doing their best, but the influx of fake products continue without abating. Only this week, the Director General of SON declared their readiness to enforce standards in the electric bulb section by destroying fake electrical bulbs.

The incidences of frequent fire outbreak in homes, industries and offices these days, make the need to check fake wires and bulbs imperative. Door keys and padlocks from China do not last for more than a few weeks; same in the motor spare parts markets, where used parts are now preferred to the so called new ones from China. Today, for almost all items in the market, you have original and fake products displayed side by side, with impunity, and the buyer decides, depending on his choice and purse.

But the worrisome aspect is that the crooks are thriving too much in this business. Some of these men import substandard products from China, paste the name and logo of standard and popular brands on them and sell. Others even open up products like television sets, change the internal components, and sell!

This is where all genuine companies exporting to sell in Nigeria need to collaborate with the SON Conformity and Assessment Programme, SONCAP.Established since 1971, SON has changed and is actively involved in import inspection of goods and quality assessment at the ports and borders of Nigeria, considering the economic and health/safety implications of influx of substandard goods into the country. But fake products are everywhere.

The question then is: Why is the impact of SON so little felt by the people? The many problems of the importers drive them into cutting corners to make some profit. First, they pay import duty, NAFDAC fees, SON dues, ship agent fees, clearing and forwarding fees, wharfinger, wharfage, stevedoring conservancy dues, animal and plant quarantine dues, and many more, before the containerised goods leave the sea port.

If any of these government officials or department is not pleased, he simply raises an issue against the importer to the Customs which elicits some enforcement action against the man. At the end of the day, he settles, with more cost, and he sells at a loss. Next time he asks the exporter to reduce specification and quality in order to recoup his losses in the earlier consignment, and it subsequently becomes a habit.

Second, where the officers in charge of a particular section in the ports clearance process come predominantly from one ethnic group, they use their position to promote the interest of importers from that group and punish or put importers from other or perceived rival ethnic group at a disadvantage.

The net effect is that the disadvantaged importer struggles to also make some profit by importing poor quality products. Greed, corruption, and ethnic manipulations have played together at the seaports to land substandard products in Nigeria, complicating the challenges of SON.

Third, with Nigeria as a dumping ground of all sorts, due to absence of government encouragement for production and manufacturing, many want to import from China, the known centre for fake, cheap and substandard products. They all find patronage for the questionable products they import because of our huge population, and continuously depreciating Naira purchasing power. The market for fake products has become large because the majority cannot afford the high cost of the original standard quality products.

Fourth, the Lagos seaports have been so balkanized among the ruling class and their cronies, in what they called concessioning, which has made the place look like a mad house. Any conscientious citizen who used to visit the Lagos seaports of Tin Can, and Apapa in the early 1980s to 1990s, will shed tears for this country over what presently obtains there. The ports have become the shame of their past glory.

The work of SON needs to be known by all and sundry through more education, more campaign, more information  to the consuming public. The cooperation between SON and the consumer protection agencies need to be enhanced in the interest of the people. SON on its part cannot continue to treat symptoms by destroying the importers goods alone, which only impoverish Nigerians.

The battle must now be carried beyond our borders to China and Asia. Early this month, our President visited China with a very powerful delegation, and a top parliamentary official from China also visited Nigeria a few days ago. They should be telling themselves the truth about the need to start punishing exporters of fake and substandard products to Nigeria.

funny customer service meme’s, LOL

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here are some funny customer service related internet meme’s we found, enjoy ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage



Free Checklist for a Customer Company Transformation

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Imagetechnology, customer service, innovation, customer loyalty

We’re in the midst of a customer revolution powered by technology. In this new world, customer loyalty is the currency by which companies will live or die. More than ever before, customers are truly in charge.

But with decades of doing business the same old way, how do you transform your “old school” company into a customer company, which puts the customer first?

Here’s a checklist to get you started. Bookmark it, print it out, and hang it on your wall or share it with your colleagues. Use it as a reminder to take these steps everyday to make the transformation.

Adjust your thinking

Embrace the mantra, “the customer is in charge,” and bring stakeholders on board to pave the way to make sweeping changes to your organization, that put the customer’s desires, wants and needs front and center

Get connected

Make sure your company’s products and services are connected to the social world. A customer platform in the cloud can do this for you, a platform in which sales, service, marketing and applications, even products are tied together to directly connect your customers through social and mobile applications to your people, your systems—and your business.

 Listen to your customers

Your brand is created by a collection of conversations. Understand where people learn and engage in discussions about your brand. Look at social media, communities, and news sites to hear what they say, see what they want, and determine how to reflect that in your marketing campaigns.  This will help you recognize who is interested in your space and identify influencers who can echo your message.

Create campaigns where your customers spend time

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter give an opportunity to target your message to the right people and be very efficient with your campaign dollars. Segment your ad campaigns based on interest, needs, demographics, and geography to make it more personal and meaningful.


Create content on your website, social media, and in marketing materials that your audience wants to read. You need to join the conversation by publishing content that is relevant and engaging and you need to be able to promote that content from multiple channels across your business.

Be an App Master

Keep on top of your customers changing needs by quickly building and deploying apps that engage and impress customers with the right functionality and content in the right place at the right time. Quickly build creative solutions to offer customers.

Be responsive in real time, everywhere

It’s not good enough just to be a phone call away Today’s customers are eager to ask questions and to be the center of attention. And they participate in multiple channels. The sooner you can solve an issue, the happier your customer. When a customer can access you in real time via social, email, phone or video, they never have to wait to have their question answered.

 Unlock the back office

Collaborating directly in the context of a business task is powerful stuff. There’s a wealth of critical information in your back office systems, whether it’s order status, inventory counts, billing, or vendor data. By marrying that information with your front office sales, service, and marketing activities, your team is better equipped to deliver on its promises.

 Give sales reps the tools to get the job done

Customer companies use the cloud to put everything their sales teams need to win at their fingertips. They consolidate information from multiple systems to give reps a complete view of their customers and prospects. Reps easily track accounts, contacts, and opportunities for improved visibility and real-time analytics, and share information and collaborate on deals over their company Intranet.

 Hand your customers a megaphone to sing your praises

Help customers help themselves. Existing customers are a great resource of information for potential customers as they’ve “been there, done that.” By cultivating advocates and giving them a voice on social media, you’re not only increasing the effectiveness of your service, you are giving prospects confidence in your company and community. You are creating brand evangelists.

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