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To predetermine a user’s experience with a particular product or service, one has to come up with likelihoods that match expectations of potential customers.



Do you want to improve your customer’s experience with your product or service? If yes, you should consider these tips:

  • Know your users or customers. Know what they desire,  know their difficulties, know what they really want from the product or service and how it  impacts their lives.
  • Get your message out in the shortest form possible. If your site for example is very wordy, you might consider using more images and graphics or even short catch phrases to engage customers.
  • Making things as clear as possible. You want your user or customer to “find” rather than “search”.
  • Sticky features, for example the use of Gamification (game techniques and mechanics) to woo customers. Make them loyal, why would they come back to you? Use gaming techniques such as loyalty treats and awards to engage customers.
  • Consider a data informed rather than data driven design process, not in all cases are metrics right for design. Other factors such as emotions affect design.

I hope this helps!

This post is culled from http://citewire.com/a-customers-journey/ written by Lottana Egwuatu


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