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Are you Nigerian? Have you had a bad service experience at any Nigerian government establishment?  Be it trying to register a company with the corporate affairs commission, processing your national passport at the Nigerian immigration service or just trying to pay your PHCN bills?

Apparently there is SERVICOM, you most likely never heard of it but for what it’s worth here are a few things to know about SERVICOM.


SERVICOM is an acronym derived from the words SERVICE COMPACT.  Compact is a formal agreement between two or more people.  In this case SERVICOM is a Service Compact (Agreement) between the Federal Government including all its organs and the Nigerian people. 

 Servicom gives Nigerians the right to demand good service. Details of these rights are contained in Servicom charters which are now available in all government agencies where services are provided to the public.  The charters tell the public what to expect and what to do if the service fails or falls short of their expectation.


SERVICOM Office was established within the Presidency to manage and effect Government commitments to the people in the area of service delivery.

SERVICOM was empowered:

To coordinate the formulation and operation of SERVICOM charters

To monitor and report to the President on the progress made by Ministries and Agencies in performing their obligations underSERVICOM.

To carry out independent surveys of the services provided to citizens by the Ministries and Government Departments, their adequacy, their timeliness and customer satisfaction.

To conduct SERVICOM Compliance Evaluation of services provided by Government Departments.

But I am sure questions many Nigerians will ask is “ is SERVICOM active or even going to serve me well at all? ” We can’t assure you  that but we should appreciate in the least that this charter exist and Nigerians should take advantage of it if only to help change the culture of service negligence.


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