Now the Nigerian customer is King…

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The Telecoms sector is one of the fastest growing sector of the Nigerian economy since the deregulation of the mobile phone market over a decade ago.  Many network providers were skeptical at first to enter the Nigerian market, because it was virgin and democracy was nascent in Nigeria, many of the companies who dared to enter the market have not regretted it since then as many of them have made loads of profit in the sector. Today, the Nigerian telecoms market is a hot market to potential investors.

The use of cell-phones over the years has soared, and have mostly replaced the unreliable services of the Nigerian Telecommunications Limited (NITEL).  This fast growth has deepened competition and regulations  by the Nigerian communications commission (NCC)  has caused a steady drop of costs of the service and a general improvement of  service in the sector, although Nigeria still ranks high in cost of GSM tariff and telecoms in the world index.

However it just got better, the Nigerian customer can now switch to a preferred service provider while still retaining mobile number, no inhibitions. This fianlly places the Nigerian customer as king in this service sector, customer satisfaction should be the utimate goal of any network in Nigeria today hoping to make profit.

We would be following how porting will eventually shape customer behavior and service providers in the near future.

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MTN, a leading network provider did a most fascinating promo advert using the lead character of a rival company Etisalat  to introduce porting. watch it here.